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Do owners have any control over the rental of their property?
Yes, property owners have complete control over the rental of their property.  Property owners determine their availability dates, rental charge and always approve all guests who stay in their property.  We advertise your property to the dates & price provided by the property owner.  Once we receive a Reservation Request from a guest we then forward this to the owner for their approval.  Property owners always approve of all Reservation Requests for their property.

Do we have to rent our property exclusively through Okanagan House Rentals?

No, you can rent your property through as many different means as possible including Okanagan House Rentals.  We will only advertise your property as to the dates you tell us and we will work hard to get you the best Reservation Requests as possible - we only get paid when we do a good job for owners.

How much does this service cost?

There is no charge to add your property to our database and start marketing your property to all of our visitor requests.  When we are successful in booking a reservation for your property we collect a 15% commission on each reservation.   We collect the 15% online deposit from each guest to confirm their reservation -  so you never actually have to make any payment to Okanagan House Rentals.  It's that simple!
Why can't I see the Rental Properties on the website?
Our Okanagan rental properties are not "public" on our website for the privacy of our property owners.  Once we receive your visitor submission we send out an email with the available properties that are suitable for each group, price range & dates.  You will be able to view your own property listing once it has been added to our database.

Why should we list our property with Okanagan House Rentals?

First of all it doesn't cost you anything to try out our service, we will only get paid when we do a good job and get bookings for your property.  We also advertise extensively throughout the Okanagan including local real estate sites and tourism sites including our exclusive partnership with OKANAGAN.COM

What types of properties do you include in your service?

We include all kinds of Okanagan properties in our database.  We have many private detached vacation homes but we also have condos and work with larger resort-style rental properties.  We also provide services for ski resort rental properties.  Make a property submission today to have your property approved - there is no charge!  We also market Okanagan Ski Rentals

How do visitors book a property through your service?

When a guest wants to book a property they submit a Reservation Request with group details, reason for coming to Okanagan, etc.  We then forward this Reservation Request to the property owner for approval.  If the request is approved we collect an online deposit from the guest to confirm the reservation.  Once the reservation has been confirmed both the guest & owner receive a confirmation email along with complete reservation details and contact information to finalize reservation details.

How can we add a property to Okanagan House Rentals?

All new properties must approved before being added to our database.  To submit your property for approval make a property submission and email up to 10 photos of your property.  Once your property has been approved we will create a new listing for the property and email it to the owner.

How does Okanagan House Rentals receive so many visitor requests?

We advertise extensively throughout the Okanagan, British Columbia and across Canada.  Our key partner is OKANAGAN.COM which receives a large number of visitors who are booking their vacations to the valley.

Can we avoid "party groups" from staying in our property?

Absolutely.  First of all we don't cater to "party groups" at all, our goal is to find responsible & considerate guests for our property owners.  All of our advertising and promotion is focused towards mature adult groups & families.  If we receive a Reservation Request from a group that you have concerns about we encourage you to ask for additional details from the guest or just simply decline the Reservation Request.

When do we have to pay Okanagan House Rentals for a confirmed reservation?

You don't.  Once you approve of a guest's Reservation Request they will pay an online deposit through our system to confirm the reservation.  That deposit is our commission for the booking and the guests pay the property owner directly for the remainder of the rental charge in accordance to the payment schedule.  Once the deposit has been made you will receive an email confirming the reservation along with complete details of the reservation & guest.

Can I rent our a vacation property even though I can't accept online credit card payment?

Definitely, most property owners cannot accept online credit card payment.  We have an online credit card account to accept the deposit to confirm reservations.  To accept the remainder of the rental payment from the guest follow any method that you wish including a cheque mailed to the owner.

What is your cancellation policy for guests booking through Okanagan House Rentals?

Each property owner will provide their own cancellation policy and it will be stated on your property so guests will be able to see the details.

Can larger resort-style properties work with Okanagan House Rentals?

Absolutely!  Contact Us and we will bring you good quality guests no matter what your size.

Can we rent out our home for only 1 or 2 weeks in the summer?

Yes, just let us know what dates you want us to advertise your home and we will only show it groups looking for those dates.

What advice can you give property owners looking to be successful with their vacation rental?

Think about what you would like if you were going on vacation and renting your property.  Small things like a welcome gift, local tourism information/pamphlets/maps and beach toys go a long way to make guests happy.  When creating your online listing with Okanagan House Rentals be sure to TAKE GOOD PICTURES of your property.  If you are unable to take nice sunny photos be sure to ask a friend with good camera skills who can - it will make a huge difference!



The goal of Okanagan House Rentals is to provide the most reliable & professional vacation rental service in the Okanagan Valley.

We are a 100% Okanagan company with the local knowledge to help.  We assist visitors every day in finding a vacation home that meets all of their needs.