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Why can't I see the Rental Properties on the website?
Our Okanagan rental properties are not "public" on our website for the privacy of our property owners.  Once we receive your visitor submission you will receive an email of the available properties that are suitable for your group, price range & dates.

When should I book an Okanagan rental property?

Many of the best Okanagan rental properties are reserved in September for the following summer.  Later in the season more properties will become book and selection will be more limited.  Be sure to make a visitor submission at any time of the year as we are constantly adding new properties to our database.

How do I reserve a vacation property?

First you need to complete a visitor submission and view the available properties that are emailed to you.  If you want to book a rental property you must submit a Reservation Request for that property.  This Reservation Request will be forwarded to the property owner for approval.  When approved you will need to pay a 15% online deposit to confirm the reservation.  Once the reservation has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email along with complete reservation & property owner contact information to finalize the reservation.

How do I know what will happen to my personal information when I submit a visitor submission?

We only use your details and contact information to help assist you in finding a suitable rental property.  We do not give this information to anyone else.  Once a Reservation Request has been submitted that information will be forwarded to the property owner for approval.

How do I pay the online deposit to confirm my reservation?

We accept both Visa & MasterCard through our secure online system or you can use PayPal.

Can I book a vacation property if I don't live in Canada?

Yes, no problem.  All of our rental prices are in Canadian Dollars and the online deposit charged on your credit card will be in Canadian Dollars.  You can then complete the full payment with the owners as to their payment policy.

What happens if I have to cancel a confirmed reservation?

You will have to follow the details in the Cancellation Policy of the property that you booked.  Your initial deposit to confirm you reservation is non-refundable.

Can I get a budget waterfront property?

Probably not...due to basic supply & demand factors waterfront properties are usually the most expensive properties and booked well in advance of the summer.  If you are looking for a waterfront property be sure to make a visitor submission many months before summer.

Where is the best place in the Okanagan to stay?

That all depends on the type of vacation you are looking for.  The Okanagan Valley is excellent because it has the full range of larger cities to quiet lakefront communities.  We have homes in all areas so be sure to let us know the type of home & area you are looking for and we will show you what is available.  Also view our Okanagan Info page to view a map & photos of the valley.

Do you have properties that are for rent for longer periods of time?

Yes we have a few, complete a visitor submission and we will see if we have any that meet your needs.

Do you have any ski resort properties?

Yes, go to our partner site at Okanagan Ski Rentals.

Why are Okanagan vacation rentals so popular?

Because it is paradise here in the Okanagan Valley...take a look



The goal of Okanagan House Rentals is to provide the most reliable & professional vacation rental service in the Okanagan Valley.

We are a 100% Okanagan company with the local knowledge to help.  We assist visitors every day in finding a vacation home that meets all of their needs.